Ramiro's Cantina Express

     In the heart of downtown Jeffersonville, you will find Ramiro’s Cantina Express, the latest up and coming sensation. Ramiro’s Cantina Express opened in March of 2018 and has proven to already be a local favorite. 

Ramiro Gandara, owner of the restaurant, originally only had his location on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville but felt the need to expand his business. Gandara had been keeping an eye on Jeffersonville for the last several years and has noticed the growth and prosperity that this area is capable of.

“Jeff is growing and will continue to grow. I am from Prospect, so I have an outsider’s view looking in and I have not seen a city grow that fast. I knew that now was the perfect time to dig into this market,” Gandara said.

At Ramiro’s Cantina Express in Jeffersonville they offer the same recipes and sauces that their Louisville location offers, but a smaller menu due to space. Ramiro’s offers tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, taco salads, quesadillas and even nachos with fresh ingredients and meats. “It’s made right in front of you, you get what you ask for which also helps with the accuracy of your order,” Gandara said. He also noted this system cuts back on food waste.

 They offer 5 meats: chicken, fish, brisket, steak and pork. Brisket has become increasingly popular at the Jeffersonville location. In fact, brisket is 50% of their sales! Ramiro’s smokes their own brisket for 10 hours at 300 degrees. “We go through six to eight boxes of brisket a week just at the Jeffersonville location,” 
Gandara said.

On top of the fresh, made-to-order meals that you can receive at Ramiro’s Cantina Express, they even offer margaritas and draft beers! They have 4 draft beers available at one time. They also offer rotating fresh, fruit flavored drinks which range anywhere from watermelon and cantaloupe to hibiscus and horchata! You never know what you might find.

Ramiro’s Cantina also offers catering for events! They do full-blown catering out of their Louisville location and will cater to events within a 50-mile radius of their location. They even have a food truck that is available for various events within the area – everything from weddings to festivals! If you are interested in having Ramiro’s cater your next event, call or text (502) 641-1010.

Everyone knows that if you don’t enjoy the first experience at a place, we tend to not return and Gandara is no stranger to that fact. Service and pleasing his customers comes first in his mind. “You get one chance to impress someone. If you fail, you have lost them,” Gandara said.

When you go to Ramiro’s Cantina Express, the staff will make you feel like you are more than just a customer – you are a friend. They are very accommodating and will treat you like one of their own with a smile on their face! They provide such a welcoming environment to their customers and have gained several returning customers because of it!

With the weather warming up and the sun coming out from behind the clouds, what a perfect time to enjoy freshly made Mexican food outside in Ramiro’s patio seating! Head on over to Ramiro’s Cantina Express located at 253 Spring Street and experience the liveliness of Downtown Jeffersonville first-hand at your new local favorite spot! Ramiro’s Cantina Express is open from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day, but depending on the weather, they could open later and close sooner. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for any updates!