Quality Provisions = Quality Life

In search of flexibility, work-life balance and overall better quality of life, Mitch and Jazmin Herbert left their careers in Maryland to pursue a personal business plan they had been working on for years… a dream of turning a hobby and passion for quality foods into a reality. In June 2019, Mitch & Jazmin Herbert opened Southern-Indiana based Bert’s Quality Provisions, a full-service 28-foot mobile food concession kitchen and barbecue smoker operation for special events and catering, mobile eatery and family meals to-go services.


Their decision to leave their established careers was an essential one. The Herbert’s have two small children; their daughter Shelby who is five and their son Jackson who is two. When Jazmin was 21 weeks pregnant with Jackson, they received the news that Jackson was to be born with a rare congenital heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. In simplified terms, Jackson was born with half a functioning heart and to date has had two reconstructive open-heart surgeries; his first one at four days old and his second at five months old. In his first year, Jackson spent 100-plus days in The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. And, the surgeries are not over. Jackson has a third surgery to come between ages 3 and 6 depending on how his condition evolves. The Herbert’s shared that Jackson’s daily care is significant as he receives weekly therapy services across multiple disciplines. Once Jackson was stabilized in late 2018, the Herbert’s knew they would need the support of family and began to make plans on moving to be nearer to Jazmin’s family here in Southern Indiana.


With the impending move, they made the exciting and bold decision to pursue their dream. Mitch and Jazmin say if there is anything Jackson has taught them; it is that nothing in life is promised and you must make the best of what you are given. Although there are many hours and long days put into their family run business, they have better control of their overall schedules. Mitch and Jazmin switch off with their time and contributions to the business, while managing the daily demands of their young family. And, Jazmin’s family really stepped up to the plate! It is true a family-run business with Jazmin’s father Dave assisting with daily operations and her sister Megan with their busy events. It is also common for their patrons to see Shelby and Jackson present with them.


Bert’s Quality Provisions is known for their 12+hour pulled pork and sliced beef brisket; their pulled chicken and sliced turkey breasts that are consistently juicy and flavorful; their baby back ribs with a balance of sweet and savory and all the homestyle, house-made sides with quality dressings and ingredients. What makes them unique is the time and care put in to finding superior regionally sourced products. And, they take extra steps to ensure quality and consistency with their products.


Bert’s Quality Provisions will always concentrate on slow-smoked meats and homestyle sides. However, there is a reason barbecue specifically isn’t anywhere in the name. Bert’s Quality Provisions can provide customers and guests a wider selection of lunch, dinner, breakfast, catering, special events, and seasonal menus to meet their needs. Their current seasonal menu items include slow-smoked turkey breast with gravy, house-cured boneless ham and traditional holiday homestyle side dishes


From late Spring to early Fall, Bert’s Quality Provisions can be found in the community at various single- and multi-day regional festivals. Since they are mobile, we asked the Herbert’s where their food trailer can be found and they shared that during the Summer, they are a regular at the New Albany Famer’s Market on Saturdays and Wednesday afternoons. They also frequent the Baptist Health Floyd Professional Arts Building at 1919 State Street on Wednesdays and are now going to have a weekly presence at Horner’s Novelty on Allison Lane in Jeffersonville on Fridays. Coming up in November, they can be found at Christmas in Greenville and Light up Jeffersonville. New opportunities to find and frequent Bert’s Quality Provisions are being added weekly, so be sure to visit their website to find a frequently updated calendar of their location.


They knew it would take some time to establish their business, but they are getting more and more requests for custom catering engagements including business functions, private parties, family gatherings and formal personal events. With their family meals packages, catering and special events menu, they can meet needs large and small. Mitch & Jazmin hope you have an unforgettable experience with Bert’s Quality Provisions and their original approach to traditional slow-smoked meats and homestyle sides. They take great pride in their recipes, procurement and processes with their aim to deliver a high quality and consistent product to their customers. They are excited for their family's future and the opportunity to grow Bert's Quality Provisions into a reputable part of the food scene in Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville. They are excited to be a part of the community and your family's options for special events, catering and everyday fare.



Find them on the web at www.bqpfoods.com.

Reach them by phone at (502) 630-9289

Visit them on Facebook – Bert’s Quality Provisions or on Instagram - bpqfoods

More about Jackson’s condition can be found at http://www.bqpfoods.com/philanthropy/