God Made A Farmer - Carr's BBQ & Market

When we asked Adam Carr what made him decide to open his BBQ business; he told us his wife encouraged him to do it. They had always smoked/cooked BBQ for friends and family to rave reviews. But, in 2015 Adam was laid off from his job. Now in need of income, he and his wife started cooking in a parking lot with a smoker and a tent. That endeavor went better than expected and they launched an official business, Carr’s BBQ and Market.

Their uniqueness comes from their enormous support of farmers and local agriculture. All the meats they cook are local – Indiana or Kentucky raised. They are widely known for their Beef Brisket! The Carr’s feel the number one key is finding the right producer that puts out a high-quality piece of meat. Now that they’ve found it, this is what sets them apart from the other brisket choices out there. Another source of their pride stems from the fact that Adam and his wife are cattle farmers, running about 50 head of cross bred cows and calves. Adam says that brisket is a hard one to get right but once you do, you’ll have a dedicated following.

Adam tells us their Salmon is a close second to the Beef Brisket. They started offering Salmon about three years ago during Lint on Friday's. To set themselves apart from the fish fry’s, they tried something different and started smoking the salmon. The smoking process paired with their homemade dill and caper sauce (which gets its own recognition since customers come in to just buy the sauce) has proven to be a winning combination. In fact, it has grown so much in popularity that they are now smoking 50-70 pounds of salmon every four days. The dish has turned salmon naysayers into salmon lovers!

Adam says they can’t leave the Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese off the list of favorites and best sellers. This is not your grandma’s mac and cheese recipe! Carr’s uses Boars Head Smoked Gouda and mixtures of other gluttonous goodness. Adam says it’s not as creamy as you would think mac and cheese should be, but it is packed full of flavor and even has a little kick at the end to get your attention.

From family meal deals to smoked ribeye specials and a few surprises in between,

Carr’s BBQ and Market does occasionally offer specials. Adam says to stay tuned in the coming months for some new items hitting the menu board like smoked wings! Carr’s also offers corporate and private party catering.

We asked Adam where the “Market” part of their business name came into play. He explained that they sell fresh meat, freezer beef, farm fresh eggs and local honey. They have recently added Boars Head brand deli meat and cheese as well as locally raised Bison.

The Carr’s want you to leave knowing that they are a family run establishment. On any given day, you might stop by and see the Carr children pitching in by cleaning tables or running the cash register. Visit Carr’s and you will be greeted with politeness and friendliness and a top-notch food experience.

When we asked Adam to leave us with a few closing thoughts, he expressed that they want to educate customers about where our food is coming from and who is producing it. He feels that if we don't start to educate our upcoming generation on the importance of agriculture and its impact on our lives, our future generations will be in trouble. Adam wants to be a change agent by opening people’s eyes to the process it takes to put food on the table… and how important it is to support your local farmer. If Carr’s BBQ and Market can enlighten even a few, then they feel they have done their part. Their slogan under their logo is "God Made A Farmer" and they truly believe in that!

Carr’s BBQ and Market is located at 3700 Paoli Pike, Suite #12 in Floyds Knobs, IN. Find them on the web at www.carrsbbqandmarket.com or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.