Goat Milk Stuff

Goat Milk?

       As a Christian homeschooling family, the Jonas’ intentionally set out to be good stewards with their blessings. PJ & Jim Jonas have taught their 8 children (Yes, 8 children) how to make lots of stuff out of their plentiful goat milk. Even before Goat Milk Stuff was a successful soap business, they knew they desired to sell food products one day as well.

       Goat Milk Stuff, located at 76 S. Lake Road N. in Scottsburg, Indiana, was founded when PJ Jonas (mother, founder and all-around extraordinary woman), wanted to make a bar of soap that was good for her family’s skin. After some research, PJ found recipes for soap that called for water instead of petroleum- based products. Since they already had dairy goats, PJ substituted goat milk to see what happened. After making her first batch of goat milk soap, she put a bar into the shower where her husband Jim’s fingers soon stopped cracking and splitting. Since this was a problem he had suffered with for years, PJ knew she had something special.  But she wasn't yet ready to turn it into a business, so she set about perfecting her soapmaking and spent the next 2 plus years creating the "most perfect" bar of goat milk soap she could.

       Fast forward several years, the Jonas family has a 36-acre goat farm (the only Grade A goat dairy in the state of Indiana) and operates a thriving business. Their products range from goat milk soaps, lotions, balms and candles to their Sweet Shop where you will find cheeses, milk, gelato, and a generous selection of sweets and baked goods all made with… you guessed it! Goat milk. In addition to their goat milk products, the Jonas family has other food products for sale like farm fresh eggs, pastured chicken, beef, pork, lamb and canned goods. All these products are either grown, raised or made at the Goat Milk Stuff farm. Monday through Saturday from 11am to 1pm, Goat Milk Stuff offers a lunch service, serving homemade sandwiches, wraps and more!

       All this wholesome goodness doesn’t stop with products for sale. The Goat Milk Stuff farm offers baby goat play time and farm tours daily. If a sneak peek behind the scenes appeals to you, a Jonas family member will take you on a fun and educational tour! You’ll go through the soap room and see where the soap is made, take a look into the kitchens where they make cheese and candy, bake sourdough breads and make lunch. Plus, you can meet the goats, tour the gardens, see the workings of the milking facility and more. Goat Milk Stuff is super easy to get to. It’s only a mile off I-65 at exit 29! Within easy driving distance from Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati it is a great place to meet up with friends from all over the region. 

       They always have new items and fun events/entertainment in the works! Currently, they are testing out a few new flavors of gelato, so you never know which flavor they will be serving when you stop by! Check their website frequently for fun upcoming events like gardening and canning classes to “Paint and a Pint” parties where event goers paint a canvas in a group setting and enjoy a pint of gelato.

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9-5

Address: 76 S Lake Rd N, Scottsburg, IN 47170

Phone Number: 812-752-0622

Website: goatmilkstuff.com